SolarTherm is a Modelica-based simulator for concentrating solar thermal (CST) systems. It aims to provide an easy way to simulate and optimise CST systems, including but not limited to those systems that produce electricity, solar fules, or heat for industrial processes. The project is focussed on the research community, who want to be able to quickly assess novel combinations of different receivers, storage, fluids, control strategies, power cycles, or/and heat integration. The simulation is at a level of detail required to accurately assess whole system performance and economic viability. More details were presented by Scott et al (2017).

SolarTherm contains two main parts: (1) a Modelica model library for common CST components and system configurations, and (2) a collection of tools for organising parameters, running simulations, training surrogate models, and analysing results. Details can be seen in this documentation.

A list of publication that employed SolarTherm includes:

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